Early Detection and Early Intervention in Developmental Motor Disorders


From Neuroscience to Participation

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<p>The book aims to provide a comprehensive overview of assessments and interventions applied in young children with, or at high risk, for developmental motor disorders. It provides an evidence-based practical guide for health professionals working in the field of early detection and early intervention (e.g., paediatricians and paediatric physiotherapists). Parts I &amp; II provide an overview of the clinical picture of early detection and early intervention and the neurodevelopmental mechanisms occurring in early life are discussed, including vulnerability and plasticity. In Parts III &amp; IV basic principles and features governing typical and atypical motor development are explained, covering not only motor development but also sensory and cognitive development. Part V summarises the methods available for assessments, including information on technical details of the tools and psychometric properties. Finally, Part VI discusses early intervention, including evidence on effectiveness, together with the application of equipment in young children with developmental motor disorders. Special attention is paid to the family and environmental adaptations.</p>