Electrocatalysis in Balancing the Natural Carbon Cycle


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<b>Electrocatalysis in Balancing the Natural Carbon Cycle</b> <p><b>Explore the potential of electrocatalysis to balance an off-kilter natural carbon cycle</b> <p>In <i>Electrocatalysis in Balancing the Natural Carbon Cycle</i>, accomplished researcher and author, Yaobing Wang, delivers a focused examination of why and how to solve the unbalance of the natural carbon cycle with electrocatalysis. The book introduces the natural carbon cycle and analyzes current bottlenecks being caused by human activities. It then examines fundamental topics, including CO<sub>2</sub> reduction, water splitting, and small molecule (alcohols and acid) oxidation to prove the feasibility and advantages of using electrocatalysis to tune the unbalanced carbon cycle. <p>You’ll realize modern aspects of electrocatalysis through the operando diagnostic and predictable mechanistic investigations. Further, you will be able to evaluate and manage the efficiency of the electrocatalytic reactions. The distinguished author presents a holistic view of solving an unbalanced natural carbon cycle with electrocatalysis. <p>Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of:<ul><li>A thorough introduction to the natural carbon cycle and the anthropogenic carbon cycle, including inorganic carbon to organic carbon and vice versa</li> <li> An exploration of electrochemical catalysis processes, including water splitting and the electrochemistry CO<sub>2</sub> reduction reaction (ECO<sub>2</sub>RR)</li> <li> A practical discussion of water and fuel basic redox parameters, including electrocatalytic materials and their performance evaluation in different electrocatalytic cells</li> <li> A perspective of the operando approaches and computational fundamentals and advances of different electrocatalytic redox reactions</li></ul> <p>Perfect for electrochemists, catalytic chemists, environmental and physical chemists, and inorganic chemists, <i>Electrocatalysis in Balancing the Natural Carbon Cycle</i> will also earn a place in the libraries of solid state and theoretical chemists seeking a one-stop reference for all aspects of electrocatalysis in carbon cycle-related reactions.


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