Electrochemical Methods


Fundamentals and Applications

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<p><b>The&nbsp;latest edition of a classic&nbsp;textbook&nbsp;in electrochemistry</b></p> <p>The&nbsp;third&nbsp;edition of&nbsp;<i>Electrochemical Methods</i>&nbsp;has been extensively revised to reflect&nbsp;the evolution of electrochemistry over the past two decades, highlighting significant developments in&nbsp;the&nbsp;understanding of electrochemical phenomena&nbsp;and&nbsp;emerging experimental tools, while extending the book&rsquo;s value as a general introduction to electrochemical methods.</p> <p>This&nbsp;authoritative resource for new students and practitioners&nbsp;provides&nbsp;must-have information crucial to a successful career in research. The authors focus on methods that are extensively practiced and&nbsp;on phenomenological questions of current concern.</p> <p>This&nbsp;latest edition of&nbsp;<i>Electrochemical Methods</i>&nbsp;contains numerous problems and chemical examples, with&nbsp;illustrations that serve to illuminate the concepts contained within in a way that will assist both student and mid-career practitioner.&nbsp;</p> <p>Significant updates and new content in this&nbsp;third&nbsp;edition include:</p> <ul> <li>An extensively revised introductory chapter&nbsp;on&nbsp;electrode processes, designed for new&nbsp;&nbsp;readers&nbsp;coming into electrochemistry&nbsp;from diverse backgrounds</li> <li>New chapters on&nbsp;steady-state voltammetry&nbsp;at ultramicroelectrodes, inner-sphere&nbsp;electrode&nbsp;reactions and&nbsp;electrocatalysis, and single-particle electrochemistry</li> <li>Extensive treatment of Marcus kinetics as applied to electrode reactions, a more detailed&nbsp;introduction to migration,&nbsp;and expanded coverage of electrochemical&nbsp;impedance spectroscopy</li> <li>The inclusion of&nbsp;Lab Notes&nbsp;in&nbsp;many chapters to help newcomers with the transition from concept to&nbsp;practice in the laboratory&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>The new edition has been revised to address a broader audience of scientists and engineers, designed to be accessible to&nbsp;readers&nbsp;with a&nbsp;basic&nbsp;foundation in university chemistry, physics&nbsp;and mathematics. It is a self-contained volume, developing all key ideas from the fundamental principles of chemistry and physics.&nbsp;</p> <p>Perfect for&nbsp;senior&nbsp;undergraduate and graduate students taking courses in electrochemistry, physical and analytical chemistry,&nbsp;this&nbsp;is&nbsp;also&nbsp;an indispensable resource for&nbsp;researchers and&nbsp;practitioners&nbsp;working in&nbsp;fields including&nbsp;electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering, energy storage and conversion, analytical chemistry and sensors.</p>


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