Electromagnetic Methods in Geophysics


Applications in GeoRadar, FDEM, TDEM, and AEM

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<p><b>Discover the utility of four popular electromagnetic geophysical techniques</b></p> <p>In <i>GeoRadar, FDEM, TDEM, and AEM Methods</i>, accomplished researchers Fabio Giannino and Giovanni Leucci deliver an in-depth exploration of the theory and application of four different electromagnetic geophysical techniques: ground penetrating radar, the frequency domain electromagnetic method, the time domain electromagnetic method, and the airborne electromagnetic method. The authors offer a full description of each technique as they relate to the economics, planning, and logistics of deploying each of them on-site.</p> <p>The book also discusses the potential output of each method and how it can be combined with other sources of below- and above-ground information to create a digitized common point cloud containing a wide variety of data.</p> <p>Giannino and Leucci rely on 25 years of professional experience in over 40 countries around the world to provide readers with a fulsome description of the optimal use of GPR, FDEM, TDEM, and AEM, demonstrating their flexibility and applicability to a wide variety of use cases.</p> <p>Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of:</p> <ul> <li>A thorough introduction to electromagnetic theory, including the operative principles and theory of ground penetrating radar (GPR) and the frequency domain electromagnetic method (FDEM)</li> <li>An exploration of hardware architecture and surveying, including GPR, FDEM, time domain electromagnetic method (TDEM), and airborne electromagnetic (AEM) surveying</li> <li>A collection of case studies, including a multiple-geophysical archaeological GPR survey in Turkey and a UXO search in a building area in Italy using FDEM /li&gt;</li> <li>Discussions of planning and mobilizing a campaign, the shipment and clearance of survey equipment, and managing the operative aspects of field activity</li> </ul> <p>Perfect for forensic and archaeological geophysicists, <i>GeoRadar, FDEM, TDEM, and AEM Methods</i> will also earn a place in the libraries of anyone seeking a one-stop reference for the planning and deployment of GDR, FDEM, TDEM, and AEM surveying techniques.</p>