Electronic Packaging Science and Technology


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<p>Must-have reference on electronic packaging technology!</p> <p>The electronics industry is shifting towards system packaging technology due to the need for higher chip circuit density without increasing production costs.&nbsp; Electronic packaging, or circuit integration, is seen as a necessary strategy to achieve a performance growth of electronic circuitry in next-generation electronics. With the implementation of novel materials with specific and tunable electrical and magnetic properties, electronic packaging is highly attractive as a solution to achieve denser levels of circuit integration.</p> <p>The first part of the book gives an overview of electronic packaging and provides the reader with the fundamentals of the most important packaging techniques such as wire bonding, tap automatic bonding, flip chip solder joint bonding, microbump bonding, and low temperature direct Cu-to-Cu bonding. Part two consists of concepts of electronic circuit design and its role in low power devices, biomedical devices, and circuit integration. The last part of the book contains topics based on the science of electronic packaging and the reliability of packaging technology.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>


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