Emotion by Design


Creative Leadership Lessons from a Lifetime Inside Nike

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From ‘Just Do It’ to the Swoosh logo, everything Nike creates is precision-engineered to connect with its customers’ deepest emotions.Now, Nike’s former CMO outlines a method that uses creativity to forge deep, lasting bonds with customers. He calls it Emotion by Design.Emotion by Design reveals how leaders can harness the creative potential of any team, and so resonate with their audience like never before. Reflecting on his time working on Nike campaigns for Ronaldo and LeBron, the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup, Greg Hoffman reveals how any business can unlock its creativity: whether by seeking out the daydreamers (and taking them seriously), or recognising that visionary ideas come not only from ingenious individuals but from whole cultures of innovation, or understanding how to turn a mere campaign into a global movement.The result is revelatory way to build your creative advantage, developed during a career at the coolest brand on earth. We can all harness the power of Emotion by Design.]]>



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