Employability and Industrial Mutations


Between Individual Trajectories and Organizational Strategic Planning

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Industrial, economic and organizational mutations are creating a transformation in employment, skills and work. Developing the employability of the workforce is one response to these challenges. However, the link between mutations and employability is not obvious: it must be constructed and implemented in order to ensure that employees are able to reach satisfying professional situations.<br /><br /><i>Employability and Industrial Mutations</i> presents a definition of employability and the associated challenges for public authorities, organizations and employees: managing unemployment, successful change and employee empowerment. It then examines several worker profiles to better understand what “being employable” means. It goes on to analyze several examples of management systems for employability at different stages of an individual’s career, and finally explores the issue of developing or maintaining employability in real-life situations and contexts.<br /><br />This book brings together researchers and practitioners from a range of different fields in order to shed light on the complex relationship between mutations and employability.