Energy Storage


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<b>ENERGY STORAGE</b> <p><B>Written and edited by a team of well-known and respected experts in the field, this new volume on energy storage presents the state-of-the-art developments and challenges in the field of renewable energy systems for sustainability and scalability for engineers, researchers, academicians, industry professionals, consultants, and designers.</b> <p>The world’s energy landscape is very complex. Fossil fuels, especially because of hydraulic fracturing, are still a mainstay of global energy production, but renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, and others, are increasing in importance for global energy sustainability. Experts and non-experts agree that the next game-changer in this area will be energy storage. <p>Energy storage is crucial for continuous operation of power plants and can supplement basic power generation sources over a stand-alone system. It can enhance capacity and leads to greater security, including continuous electricity supply and other applications. A dependable energy storage system not only guarantees that the grid will not go down, but also increases efficacy and efficiency of any energy system. <p>This groundbreaking new volume in this forward-thinking series addresses all of these issues, laying out the latest advances and addressing the most serious current concerns in energy storage. Whether for the veteran engineer or the student, this latest volume in the series, “Advances in Renewable Energy,” is a must-have for any library. <p><b>This outstanding new volume:</b> <ul><li>Is practically oriented and provides new concepts and designs for energy storage systems, offering greater benefit to the researcher, student, and engineer </li> <li>Offers a comprehensive coverage of energy storage system design, which is also useful for engineers and other professionals who are working in the field of solar energy, biomass, polygeneration, cooling, and process heat</li> <li>Filled with workable examples and designs that are helpful for practical applications, also offers a thorough, novel case study on hybrid energy systems with storage</li> <li>Is useful as a textbook for researchers, students, and faculty for understanding new ideas in this rapidly emerging field </li></ul>