Essential Nursing Care


A Workbook for Clinical Practice

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<i>Essential Nursing Care</i> is an accessible and introductory textbook for student nurses to develop important skills in key areas of care, helping them to grow into competent practitioners. It introduces them to the concept of clinical skills and develops a foundation in practical nursing skills and the essence of nursing practice. <p/> This interactive workbook considers eight key areas of care: <ul> <li/> <div>Principles of Safety</div> <li/> <div>Principles of Medicines Management</div> <li/> <div>Principles of Monitoring & Assessment</div> <li/> <div>Principles of Respiratory Care</div> <li/> <div>Principles of Eating & Drinking</div> <li/> <div>Principles of Elimination</div> <li/> <div>Principles of Skin Care</div> <li/> <div>Principles of First Aid</div> </ul> <p/> Key features of this text: <ul> <li/> <div>Interactive and feature rich, with chapter aims, learning outcomes, key terms and activities in each chapter</div> <li/> <div>Case studies and quizzes are also provided to reinforce and encourage learning</div> <li/> <div>Reflective practice is highlighted throughout, with each chapter providing a template to allow readers to reflect on their practice</div> <li/> <div>Website featuring chapter quizzes, case studies, and glossary of terms <http:www.wiley.comgolawson/></div> </ul>


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