Excel Workbook For Dummies


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<b>Get practical walkthroughs for the most useful Excel features</b> <p>Looking for easy-to-understand, practical guidance on how to go from Excel newbie to number crunching pro? <i>Excel Workbook For Dummies</i> is the hands-on tutorial you’ve been waiting for. <p>This step-by-step guide is packed with exercises that walk you through the basic and advanced functions and formulas included in Excel. At your own speed, you’ll learn how to enter data, format your spreadsheet, and apply the mathematical and statistical capabilities of the program. <p>Work through the book from start to finish or, if you’d prefer, jump right to the section that’s giving you trouble, whether that’s data visualization, macros, analysis, or anything else. You can also: <ul> <li>Brush up on and practice time-saving keyboard shortcuts for popular commands and actions</li> <li>Get a handle on multi-functional and practical pivot tables with intuitive practice exercises</li> <li>Learn to secure your data with spreadsheet password protections</li> </ul> <p>Perfect for new users of Excel, <i>Excel Workbook For Dummies</i> is also the ideal resource for those who know their way around a spreadsheet but need a refresher on some of the more advanced features of this powerful program.