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Why Companies That Uncover Purpose, Create Connection, and Celebrate Their People Will Triumph

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<p><b>The business leader&rsquo;s guide to creating a winning employee experience</b> <p>In <i>Experience, Inc</i>.: <i>Why Companies that Uncover Purpose, Create Connection, and Celebrate Their People Will Triumph</i>,<i> </i>veteran business leader and growth strategist Jill Popelka delivers a hands-on guide to building a flexible, adaptable, and engaged workforce that can enable your organization to evolve with emerging challenges. You&rsquo;ll find the insights you need to build a company culture that prioritizes your people, resulting in an empowered and future-ready workforce. Filled with stories from the author&rsquo;s extensive experience as the President of SAP SuccessFactors, the book also offers: <ul> <li>Advice from global thought leaders on some of today&rsquo;s most pressing issues</li> <li>Practical resources for any employee to improve their productivity and impact</li> <li>Tips on creating a culture that works for the organization and its people</li></ul><p><i>Experience, Inc</i>. is an essential tool for business leaders of all levels, from the C-suite and senior executives to people managers and human resources practitioners. It is a must-read for organizations looking for ways to build a sustainable, productive, and exciting workplace centered around the most critical driver of business success: employees.


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