Financial Statement Analysis Workbook


A Practitioner’s Guide

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<p><b>The helpful workbook to help practice assessing financial statements </b></p> <p>Financial statement analysis is essential as part of any well-organized financial portfolio. As a companion piece, <i>Financial Statement Analysis Workbook: A Practitioner&rsquo;s Guide, 5</i><sup>th</sup> <i>ed</i>. allows readers the opportunity to test and hone the skills put forward in Martin Fridson and Fernando Alvarez&rsquo;s <i>Financial Statement Analysis</i>, 5<sup>th</sup> ed. a resource devoted to providing the analytical framework necessary to make sense of the sometimes misleading numbers put forth by companies. Scrutinizing financial statements allows one to, for example, evaluate a company&rsquo;s stock price or determine merger or acquisition valuations.</p> <p>This <i>Workbook</i>, then, provides a pathway to become familiar with these methodologies in order to be prepared to use them in real-world scenarios. With the skills provided within, you can begin to undertake goal-oriented preparation for the practical challenges of contemporary business, and feel confident in your financial decision-making. This is aided by:</p> <ul> <li>Question-and-answer sections within this <i>Workbook</i> correspond to each chapter of <i>Financial Statement Analysis</i>, 5<sup>th</sup> ed.</li> <li>Financial statement and computational exercises designed to require analysis and synthesis of concepts covered in the core text</li> <li>A full list of answers in the second half of the book that help explain pitfalls within the questions</li> </ul> <p>An essential tool for professional analysts, investors, and students, <i>Financial Statement Analysis Workbook</i> offers the perfect opportunity to help turn theory into reality.&nbsp;</p>