First Ladies For Dummies


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<p><b>It’s time for the ladies&mdash;the First Ladies, that is&mdash;to get their time in the spotlight</b></p> <p>What does a First Lady do? What makes a First Lady successful? If you’ve always wanted to know, this is the place to come to for the answers! This reference has the inside scoop on all the First Ladies, including Michelle Obama’s campaigns for healthy eating and Jackie Kennedy’s emphasis on art and culture. In <i>First Ladies For Dummies</i>, you’ll find out how these women’s values, initiatives, and style have influenced all our lives, and how they’ve become true role models for generations.</p> <p>With the detailed biographies and personal profiles in <i>First Ladies For Dummies</i>, you’ll gain a well-rounded knowledge of the United States’ 47 First Ladies. From Martha to Melania, from Jackie to Dr. Jill, and everyone in between, every First Lady has left her stamp on the White House, in the Rose Garden, and in history, and this book covers it all. It includes:</p> <ul> <li>An historical context for a deeper understanding of the world these First Ladies lived in</li> <li>Accounts of their childhoods and early lives to learn who these women were before they stepped foot in the White House</li> <li>Each First Lady’s interests and achievements</li> </ul> <p>Whether you’re a history fanatic or just curious about these highly accomplished women, you’ll find lots of fun facts about them in <i>First Ladies For Dummies</i>. Pick up your copy to be in the know!</p>