Fog, Edge, and Pervasive Computing in Intelligent IoT Driven Applications


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<p><b>A practical guide to the design, implementation, evaluation, and deployment of emerging technologies for intelligent IoT applications</b></p> <p>With the rapid development in artificially intelligent and hybrid technologies, IoT, edge, fog-driven, and pervasive computing techniques are becoming important parts of our daily lives. This book focuses on recent advances, roles, and benefits of these technologies, describing the latest intelligent systems from a practical point of view. <i>Fog, Edge, and Pervasive Computing in Intelligent IoT Driven Applications</i> is also valuable for engineers and professionals trying to solve practical, economic, or technical problems. With a uniquely practical approach spanning multiple fields of interest, contributors cover theory, applications, and design methodologies for intelligent systems. These technologies are rapidly transforming engineering, industry, and agriculture by enabling real-time processing of data via computational, resource-oriented metaheuristics and machine learning algorithms. As edge/fog computing and associated technologies are implemented far and wide, we are now able to solve previously intractable problems. With chapters contributed by experts in the field, this book:</p> <ul> <li>Describes Machine Learning frameworks and algorithms for edge, fog, and pervasive computing</li> <li>Considers probabilistic storage systems and proven optimization techniques for intelligent IoT</li> <li>Covers 5G edge network slicing and virtual network systems that utilize new networking capacity</li> <li>Explores resource provisioning and bandwidth allocation for edge, fog, and pervasive mobile applications</li> <li>Presents emerging applications of intelligent IoT, including smart farming, factory automation, marketing automation, medical diagnosis, and more</li> </ul> <p>Researchers, graduate students, and practitioners working in the intelligent systems domain will appreciate this book&rsquo;s practical orientation and comprehensive coverage. Intelligent IoT is revolutionizing every industry and field today, and <i>Fog, Edge, and Pervasive Computing in Intelligent IoT Driven Applications </i>provides the background, orientation, and inspiration needed to begin.</p>


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