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In recent years, the colours industry has undergone significant change, as a result of increasing consumer demand for natural, rather than synthetic food colours. The Food Colours Handbook details some of these changes within a concise, easy-to-use framework. With all chapters contributed by industry experts, the book contains reviews of synthetic, nature-identical, and natural colours.<br /> <p><br /> </p> <p><b>Topics covered</b><br /> </p> <p>The following topics are covered for each colour discussed;<br /> </p> <ul> <li style=”list-style: none”><br /> </li> <li>Colour<br /> </li> <li>Physical characteristics<br /> </li> <li>Applications<br /> </li> <li>Physiological properties<br /> </li> <li>Analytical methods</li> </ul> <br /> <p><br /> </p> <p>This guide is an invaluable and authoritative source of reference on the commercial use of food colours for food technologists and other food-industry professionals, and contains a review of worldwide legislation allowing readers to gain an understanding of regulatory issues relating to food colouring in different countries.</p>


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