FORTNITE Official: Supply Drop: The Collectors’ Edition


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WHAT’S IN YOUR LOADOUT? From boogie bombs to grenades, traps to grapplers, shotguns to assault rifles, Fortnite features a formidable array of weapons to help you rule the roost at Battle Royale. This collectors’ edition features all the key items you will have seen in Seasons 1 to 9, in a user-friendly format designed to showcase the best firepower Fortnite has to offer. Which guns will YOU be running with? PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS Which weapons to keep an eye out for to suit your personal play style – and how to use them effectively RIDERS ON THE STORM How to combine the right weapons with the right vehicles to stay one step ahead of the pack UNLOCK THE VAULT Travel back in time and remind yourself of fan favourites from seasons past An official handbook from Epic Games, creators of FORTNITE, the BIGGEST gaming brand in the world.]]>


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