From the Boiler Room to the Living Room


The Financial Services Revolution and What it Means to You and Your Clients

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Author Mitch Anthony has been recognized as the voice of conscience for the financial services industry. For more than a decade, he has shown advisors how building authentic, genuine relationships can serve clients’ best interests and build heathly—and financially successful—practices at the same time. <p>In <i>From the Boiler Room to the Living Room</i>, Mitch examines where the financial services industry has failed in the past, and what it needs to do to restore trust at both the individual and industry levels. He teaches readers how to better understand the emotional significance of the money that clients entrust to their advisors and the struggles they face as they attempt to get “more life for their money.” The book also discusses why venture philosophy, funding single moments, and rethinking one’s purpose in life is more important to clients than net worth or asset allocation. Finally, it discusses how to develop dialogues that forge meaningful, long-term client connections—in other words, how to stop selling and start listening.</p>


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