Functional Biomaterials


Design and Development for Biotechnology, Pharmacology, and Biomedicine

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<p><b>A succinct handbook explaining interdisciplinary processing, methods, and applications of bio-based materials</b> <p>This book merges the two most important trends in biomaterials: functionalization and renewable chemistry. It covers a variety of biopolymers and various approaches for the transformation of these biopolymers into functional units. Sample topics covered by the two well-qualified authors include: <ul> <li>Fundamental knowledge of biopolymers&ndash;natural ones, such as cellulose and other polysaccharides, and synthetic ones, such as polyethylene</li> <li>The origin, classifications, chemical nature, and isolation methods of specific biopolymers</li> <li>The different classical and modern approaches for the transformation of biopolymers into different shapes, ranging from thin films (model surfaces), to nanoparticles, to nanofibers, all the way to 3D scaffolds</li> <li>The morphology, structure, shape, thermal, electrical, and surface properties of biomaterials</li></ul><p>This all-inclusive reference guide, which covers fundamentals, methods, and applications alike, is a key resource for both students and practicing scientists involved in programs of study or disciplines that intersect with the field of biomaterials.