Functional Foods


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<b>Functional Foods</b> <p><b>Presenting cutting-edge information on new and emerging food engineering processes, <i>Functional Foods</i>, the second volume in the groundbreaking new series, “Bioprocessing in Food Science,” is an essential reference on the modeling, quality, safety, and technologies associated with food processing operations today. </b> <p><i>Functional Foods</i>, the second volume in series, “Bioprocessing in Food Science,” is an up-to-date, comprehensive volume covering the preparation, processes and health benefits of functional foods. Written and edited by a team of experts in the field, this important new volume provides readers extensive knowledge about different types of traditional and commercially available functional foods from different sources, such as milk, meat, cereals, millets and fruits and vegetables. <p>The main objective of this book is to disseminate knowledge about the recent technologies developed in the field of functional foods to students, researchers, and industry professionals. This will enable them to make crucial decisions regarding the adoption, implementation, economics, and constraints of the different technologies. As the demand for healthy food is increasing, manufacturers are searching for new possibilities for occupying a growing share in the rapidly changing food market. <p>Covering the use of conventional and non-conventional sources, prebiotics, probiotics and many other topics, with emphasis on their functionality in food systems, this volume also provides insights on the specific packaging requirements for functional foods with maximum illustrations of how to enhance shelf life and create superior quality products. The authors and editors discuss the need for regulatory frameworks, government bodies, guidelines, and their challenges within the context of the functional food market. Whether for the veteran engineer or scientist, the student, or a manager or other technician working in the field, this volume is a must-have for any library. <p><b>This outstanding new volume: </b> <ul><li>Discusses an overview of functional foods including global regulations, legislations and packaging requirements</li> <li>Provides knowledge of functional ingredients and health benefits of functional foods from different plants, animals, and microbes sources</li> <li>Acquaints the readers about technological aspects for functional ingredients delivery </li> <li>Addresses the basic to advanced aspects of different functional foods, combining the requirements, health benefits and regulations, showcasing the development of functional food products with potential functional benefits</li></ul> <p><b> Audience:</b> Process and chemical engineers, chemists, engineers in other disciplines, managers, researchers, scientists, students, and teachers working in the field of food engineering and processing