Fundamentals of Qualitative Phenomenological Nursing Research


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<p><i>Fundamentals of Qualitative Phenomenological Nursing Research </i>is the first book of its kind to specifically link the findings of qualitative research to evidence-based practice, policy, theory, and theory development. Designed for novice researchers, graduate students, and experienced practitioners alike, this comprehensive resource provides up-to-date coverage of research methods and techniques, the use of data analysis software, phenomenological writing and publishing, and more. <p>The text opens with a general introduction to qualitative research and its components, followed by detailed description of the philosophical, paradigmatic, and conceptual aspects of phenomenological inquiry.<b> </b>Subsequent sections address topics including the practical aspects of phenomenological investigations, the concepts of rigor and validity in qualitative studies, and the methods of phenomenological data, collection, reduction, analysis, interpretation, and presentation. Throughout the book, author Brigitte S. Cypress offers expert guidance and real-world tips regarding the challenges researchers encounter when conducting a qualitative study. <ul> <li>Provides simple, straightforward descriptions of qualitative research methods with actual phenomenological examples</li> <li>Features numerous in-depth exemplars of the philosophical and paradigmatic aspects of qualitative research from the author&rsquo;s own studies</li> <li>Includes practical advice on teamwork, mentoring relationships, data organization, and reporting phenomenological studies</li> <li>Presents approaches for dealing with ethical issues, methods for collecting, recording, and storing data, and techniques for analyzing and interpreting findings</li> <li>Examines the role of computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software</li></ul><p><i>Fundamentals of Qualitative Phenomenological Nursing Research</i> is a must-have guide for qualitative researchers from any discipline, academics and faculty members, and undergraduate and graduate nursing students wanting to learn more about phenomenology as a research approach.


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