Fundamentals of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy


A Training Handbook

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<ul> <li>A complete introduction to REBT, an approach to CBT which argues that at the core of emotional disturbance lies a set of irrational beliefs that people hold about themselves and others</li> <li>Essential for counsellors who are beginning to use REBT with clients – recreates the ‘feel’of a training course and alerts trainees to difficulties they may experience when using REBT in practice</li> <li>Covers all the basic theoretical and practical information that trainees need to begin using REBT, with special attention paid to disputing irrational beliefs and helping clients set goals</li> <li>Windy Dryden is the world’s best-known and most prolific name in REBT after its founder (the late Albert Ellis), and there is no direct competition to this unique handbook</li> </ul>


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