Fundraising for Social Change


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<p><b>A popular fundraising blueprint for small- to mid-sized nonprofit organizations</b></p> <p>In the newly revised Eighth Edition of <i>Fundraising for Social Change</i>, two nonprofit leadership veterans deliver a hands-on, how-to guide to establishing and expanding a diverse base of donors. The authors maintain a focus on groups working toward racial, economic, and climate justice, providing trustworthy and relevant information that can be easily understood.</p> <p>The book includes a free Instructor’s Manual, as well as access to supplementary online content with additional resources. Readers will also find:</p> <ul> <li>”Spotlight” sections highlighting the reflections and wisdom of a varied group of fundraisers</li> <li>Insightful explorations about managing fundraising, including establishing a fundraising infrastructure, hiring a development director, and using consultants and coaches</li> <li>Discussions of budgeting and planning, as well as how to handle significant financial trouble</li> </ul> <p>An indispensable resource for nonprofit board members, managers, founders, and employees, <i>Fundraising for Social Change</i> is a must-read roadmap to raising money. It belongs on the bookshelves of leaders, activists and organizers seeking to advance racial, economic, environmental or social justice.</p>