Gangland: The Contract Killers


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The realm of the contract killer is a murky and murderous underworld where the price for the removal of a top villain is £100,000. A world where the killers range from Mafia to millionaires, from FBI informants to ordinary housewives; where the methods range from garrotting to shooting, induced overdoses to burning. Mostly the bodies are never found. Sometimes they’re made an example of: tied to juke boxes or left on street corners as ‘examples’. In the latest addition to his Gangland series, James Morton lifts the lid on the hidden world of the contract killer. Who are these people? Where can they be found? How do the best of them commit untraceable crimes? Is the female more deadly than the male? And how true is it that the FBI, the police and others organisations devoted to solving crime have aided, abetted and even instigated contracts to kill?]]>



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