Genetic Analysis of Complex Disease


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<b>Genetic Analysis of Complex Diseases</b> <p><b>An up-to-date and complete treatment of the strategies, designs and analysis methods for studying complex genetic disease in human beings </b> <p>In the newly revised Third Edition of <i>Genetic Analysis of Complex Diseases</i>, a team of distinguished geneticists delivers a comprehensive introduction to the most relevant strategies, designs and methods of analysis for the study of complex genetic disease in humans. The book focuses on concepts and designs, thereby offering readers a broad understanding of common problems and solutions in the field based on successful applications in the design and execution of genetic studies. <p>This edited volume contains contributions from some of the leading voices in the area and presents new chapters on high-throughput genomic sequencing, copy-number variant analysis and epigenetic studies. Providing clear and easily referenced overviews of the considerations involved in genetic analysis of complex human genetic disease, including sampling, design, data collection, linkage and association studies and social, legal and ethical issues. <p><i>Genetic Analysis of Complex Diseases</i> also provides: <ul><li>A thorough introduction to study design for the identification of genes in complex traits</li> <li>Comprehensive explorations of basic concepts in genetics, disease phenotype definition and the determination of the genetic components of disease</li> <li>Practical discussions of modern bioinformatics tools for analysis of genetic data</li> <li>Reflecting on responsible conduct of research in genetic studies, as well as linkage analysis and data management</li> <li>New expanded chapter on complex genetic interactions</li></ul> <p>This latest edition of <i>Genetic Analysis of Complex Diseases</i> is a must-read resource for molecular biologists, human geneticists, genetic epidemiologists and pharmaceutical researchers. It is also invaluable for graduate students taking courses in statistical genetics or genetic epidemiology.


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