Geomorphology and the Carbon Cycle


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The first systematic examination of the role of geomorphological processes in the cycling of carbon through the terrestrial system.<br /> <ul> <li>Argues that knowledge of geomorphological processes is fundamental to understanding the ways in which carbon is stored and recycled in the terrestrial environment</li> <li>Integrates classical geomorphological theory with understanding of microbial processes controlling the decomposition of organic matter</li> <li>Develops an interdisciplinary research agenda for the analysis of the terrestrial carbon cycle</li> <li>Informed by work in ecology, microbiology and biogeochemistry, in order to analyse spatial and temporal patterns of terrestrial carbon cycling at the landscape scale</li> <li>Considers the ways in which, as Humanity enters the Anthropocene, the application of this science has the potential to manage the terrestrial carbon cycle to limit increases in atmospheric carbon</li> </ul>