The Politics of Redistricting in the United States

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<p>For nearly as long as there have been electoral districts in America, politicians have gerrymandered those districts.&nbsp;Though the practice has changed over time, the public reaction to it has remained the same:&nbsp;gerrymandering is reviled. There is, of course, good reason for that sentiment.&nbsp;Gerrymandering is intended to maximize the number of legislative seats for one party.&nbsp;As such, it is an attempt to gain what appears to be an unfair advantage in elections.&nbsp;Nevertheless, gerrymandering is not well understood by most people and this lack of understanding leads to a false sense that there are easy solutions to this complex problem.</p> <p><i>Gerrymandering: The Politics of Redistricting in the United States</i> unpacks the complicated process of gerrymandering, reflecting upon the normative issues to which it gives rise. Tracing the history of partisan gerrymandering from its nineteenth-century roots to the present day, the book explains its legal status and implementation, its consequences, and possible options for reform. The result is a balanced analysis of gerrymandering that acknowledges its troubling aspects while recognizing that, as long as district boundaries have to be drawn, there is no perfect way to do so.</p>