The TikTok fantasy sensation that’s sold over half a million copies

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THE TIKTOK FANTASY SENSATION THAT’S SOLD OVER HALF A MILLION COPIES’Sexy and touching all at the same time . . . and that plot twist, OMG’ 5***** Reader Review’Read this series NOW! I felt like I was in the story watching and holding my breath the entire time’ 5***** Reader Review_______’It’s the arrogance of men to think so little of women. And it’ll be their downfall too’This is the story of King Midas.Or that’s what we’re always told. The Golden King with his palace of riches and me, the girl he turned to gold.Upon the snowy mountains in the Sixth Kingdom of Orea, I’m locked away in Highbell Castle. It’s for my safety, I’m told. Away from the dangers of the world below. No one can get in.Apart from him.King Midas rescued me from the streets. He gave me food, shelter, and his heart. I promised to love him forever.But when war comes to the kingdom, a deal is struck – and I am at the heart of the bargain.Everything I know starts to change. My love for Midas challenged, my trust broken.Because everything I know about this man is wrong.Suddenly, I’m sent to travel between kingdoms to a future I no longer understand and my spirit becomes truly tested.I’m always told this is his tale.But perhaps that is no longer the case. Perhaps. . . it’s mine.This is the story of Auren._______’A spectacularly written, engaging, imaginative retelling of the ancient myth of King Midas’ 5***** Reader Review’I literally devoured this book in one sitting’ 5***** Reader Review]]>



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