Global Asset Allocation


Techniques for Optimizing Portfolio Management

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Buying this book could be the smartest investment you make thisseason. If that sounds like a bold claim, just take a look at thelist of contributors. In it you’ll find the names of twenty-nine ofthe world’s foremost experts in asset allocation. Over the courseof twenty chapters, these accomplished institutional investors,academics, analysts, and traders school you in all of the hottestnew portfolio management techniques now in use around theglobe.<br> <br> Not another abstruse discourse on the theoretical pros and cons ofasset allocation, Global Asset Allocation is a working,nuts-and-bolts guide for institutional investors. It outfits youwith a set of versatile new tools and techniques designed to solvereal-world problems and guide your portfolio managementdecision-making.<br> <br> While broad theoretical considerations are given their due, thelion’s share of this book’s coverage is commanded by cutting-edgetechnical issues such as mean variance optimization, allocatingbetween styles of equity management, optimal fixed incomeportfolios, asset/liability forecasting, the critical time horizon,target asset allocation, and chaos theory.<br> <br> In addition to all of the traditional classes of asset allocations,Global Asset Allocation explores a number of new and emerginginvestment horizons. Foremost among these is “the ultimateinvestment frontier,” international markets, to which a sizeableportion of the book (all of Part Two) is devoted. You’ll findin-depth discussions of the qualitative and quantitative aspects ofglobal asset allocation, in which various experts describe thelatest global asset allocation models, optimization methods,forecasting techniques, global bond and currency managementstrategies, risk and return analysis in country-to-countryallocation strategies, active and passive management portfoliostrategies, and much more.<br> <br> Offering world-class strategies for managing global portfolios,Global Asset Allocation is an essential resource for corporatefinance professionals, pension plan sponsors, analysts, andportfolio managers looking to expand their repertoire of financialmanagement skills.<br> <br> From asset liability forecasting and target asset allocation, tocritical time horizon and implementing overlay strategies, thisgroundbreaking new guide educates institutional investors instate-of-the-art portfolio management strategies guaranteed tominimize risk while maximizing returns. Bringing you the combinedinsights and expertise of twenty-nine prominent investment expertsfrom around the world, Global Asset Allocation is a workinghandbook, designed to guide your portfolio managementdecision-making and help you to solve real-world problems.<br> * The latest asset allocation models, optimization methods, andforecasting techniques, including passive and active portfoliostrategies<br> * Includes six major chapters on global asset allocation, includingcurrency management and emerging market investing<br> <br> Traders, portfolio managers…investment professionals of everyilk: read this book, and use the versatile new strategies, tools,and techniques it describes to give your investment skills arazor-sharp, winning edge.


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