Global Environmental Careers


The Worldwide Green Jobs Resource

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<b>Global Environmental Careers</b> <p><b>Global Environmental Careers – The Worldwide Green Jobs Resource</b> <p>This book is the ideal guide to equipping you with the tools and know-how to develop an environmental career. It is filled with practical advice, case studies, personal profiles and top tips across the global environment sector. <p> An essential resource for anyone, from school students to those who are already in work but dreaming of a more meaningful career. <p> ‘This new book comes at exactly the right moment. There has never been a more critical time for effective, international action on our common ecological crisis, and success in that work requires a new generation of 21st Century environmental professionals.’<BR><b>Kevin Doyle,</b> Executive Director, Office of Career and Professional Development, Yale School of the Environment <p> ‘As an experienced green career coach, the top questions I hear from green job seekers are, “What are the green jobs out there, which ones would be a good match, how do I get my foot in the door, and where do I find these jobs?” Taberham’s book answers all of these in a refreshingly approachable way.’<BR><b>Lisa Yee-Litzenberg,</b> President, Green Career Advisor LLC <p> ‘One of the biggest challenges environmental career seekers face is understanding and muddling through the opportunities available to them based on their experience, education, and interest. Taberham’s book is a great resource to help people navigate their options and grab some tips for the career journey.’<BR><b>Laura Thorne,</b> The Environmental Career Coach <p> ‘A fantastic book for those who are interested in pursuing a role in sustainability. Jam-packed with helpful resources, career insights, and real-life case studies this is a go-to resource for professionals who are launching their careers.’<BR><b>Sharmila Singh,</b> New Lens Consulting <p> ‘Justin Taberham provides an impressive global overview of a multifaceted, ever-changing sector that continues to evolve rapidly due to advances in technology and knowledge, changes in funding and incentives, and shifts in priorities and laws.’<BR><b>Carol L. McClelland, PhD,</b> Author of <i>Green Careers for Dummies</i>