Green IT For Dummies


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Green technology is not only good for the environment; it’s also good for your bottom line. If your organization is exploring ways to save energy and reduce environmental waste, <i>Green IT For Dummies</i> can help you get there. <p>This guide is packed with cost-saving ways to make your company a leader in green technology. The book is also packed with case studies from organizations that have gone green, so you can benefit from their experience. You’ll discover how to:</p> <ul type=”disc”> <li>Perform an energy audit to determine your present consumption and identify where to start greening</li> <li>Develop and roll out a green technology project</li> <li>Build support from management and employees</li> <li>Use collaboration tools to limit the need for corporate travel</li> <li>Improve electronic document management</li> <li>Extend hardware life, reduce data center floor space, and improve efficiency</li> <li>Formalize best practices for green IT, understand your company’s requirements, and design an infrastructure to meet them</li> <li>Make older desktops and lighting fixtures more efficient with a few small upgrades</li> <li>Lower costs with virtual meetings, teleconferences, and telecommuting options</li> <li>Reduce your organization’s energy consumption</li> </ul> <p>You’ll also learn what to beware of when developing your green plan, and get familiar with all the terms relating to green IT. <i>Green IT For Dummies</i> starts you on the road to saving money while you help save the planet.</p>


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