Grief Counseling Homework Planner, (with Download)


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<b>Help bereaved clients deal with and work through a difficult time in their lives</b> <p><i>Grief Counseling Homework Planner</i> provides you with an array of ready-to-use, between-session assignments designed to help clients better understand their grief and the grieving process. <p>This easy-to-use sourcebook features: <ul> <li>63 ready-to-copy exercises covering the most common issues encountered in grief therapy</li> <li>A quick-reference format–the interactive assignments are organized around the most typical stages of the grieving process</li> <li>Expert guidance on how and when to make the most efficient use of the exercises</li> <li>Homework that enables clients to work through the issues surrounding their loss through reflective thought, personal management, problem resolution, and self-healing</li> <li>Access to download of all assignments in the book–allowing you to customize them to suit you and your clients’ unique styles and needs</li> </ul>


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