From the Image to the Diagnosis

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<b>Haematology</b> <p>Diagnostic haematology requires the assessment of clinical and laboratory data together with a careful morphological assessment of cells in blood, bone marrow and tissue ­fluids. Subsequent investigations including flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, cytogenetics and molecular studies are guided by the original morphological findings. These targeted investigations help generate a prompt unifying diagnosis. <b><i>Haematology: From the Image to the Diagnosis</i></b> presents a series of cases illustrating how skills in morphology can guide the investigative process. In this book, the authors capture a series of images to illustrate key features to recognize when undertaking a morphological review and show how they can be integrated with supplementary information to reach a final diagnosis. <p> Using a novel format of visual case studies, this text mimics ‘real life’ for the practising diagnostic haematologist – using brief clinical details and initial microscopic morphological triage to formulate a differential diagnosis and a plan for efficient and economical confirmatory investigation to deduce the correct final diagnosis. The carefully selected, high-quality photomicrographs and the clear, succinct descriptions of key features, investigations and results will help haematologists, clinical scientists, haematology trainees and haematopathologists to make accurate diagnoses in their day-to-day work. <p> Covering a wide range of topics, and including paediatric as well as adult cases, <b><i>Haematology: From the Image to the Diagnosis</i></b> is a succinct visual guide which will be welcomed by consultants, trainees and scientists alike.