Haircutting For Dummies


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<p><b>Your short cut to stylish home hairdressing</b></p> <p>Ever wondered if you could hack it at cutting your friends’ and family’s hair, or could even make it as a full-blown stylist? If you’ve got a little creative spark&mdash;a love of crafting or painting or a talent for home makeovers&mdash;and an obsessive yen to redo the dos you see around you, it’s more than likely you can make the cut. The new edition of <i>Haircutting For Dummies</i> shows you how to draw out your inner artist and bring your ideas to glorious life on the heads of your nearest and dearest&mdash;and will help shave dollars off your beauty budget into the bargain!</p> <p>In a free-spirited, chatty style, master stylist and social media corporate beauty consultant Jeryl E. Spear sits you down for a comprehensive snip-and-tell overview of how to reproduce the latest short, medium, and long hairstyles, as well as fancying things up with cutting-edge techniques like slicing, notching, and layering. Jeryl also provides a drawerful of tips on the tools you’ll need to get started.</p> <ul> <li>Get a grip on men’s and women’s styles</li> <li>Set up shop at home</li> <li>Choose your tools and keep them sharp</li> <li>Take the first steps to embracing a beauty career</li> </ul> <p>Packed with detailed illustrations and model shots to guide your work, this book has everything you need to begin the creative work of making everyone you know&mdash;and the world&mdash;a smarter, more beautiful place!</p>