Ham Radio For Dummies


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<p><b>Respond to the call of&nbsp;ham radio&nbsp;</b></p> <p>Despite&nbsp;its&nbsp;old-school&nbsp;reputation, amateur radio is on the rise, and the airwaves are&nbsp;busier&nbsp;than ever.&nbsp;That&rsquo;s&nbsp;no surprise:&nbsp;being a ham&nbsp;is&nbsp;a lot of&nbsp;fun,&nbsp;providing&nbsp;an&nbsp;independent&nbsp;way&nbsp;to&nbsp;keep in touch with&nbsp;friends, family, and new acquaintances around the world&mdash;and&nbsp;even&nbsp;beyond&nbsp;with its ability to connect with&nbsp;the International Space Station!&nbsp;Hams are also&nbsp;good in&nbsp;a crisis,&nbsp;keeping communications&nbsp;alive and crackling&nbsp;during&nbsp;extreme weather events&nbsp;and&nbsp;loss of communications&nbsp;until&nbsp;regular systems&nbsp;like cell phones&nbsp;and the internet&nbsp;are restored.&nbsp;Additionally, it&rsquo;s&nbsp;enjoyable for good, old-fashioned tech geek reasons&mdash;fiddling with circuits&nbsp;and bouncing signals off the ionosphere&nbsp;just happens to give&nbsp;a lot&nbsp;of us a buzz!&nbsp; &nbsp;</p> <p>If one or more of these benefits is of interest to you,&nbsp;then good news: the new edition of&nbsp;<i>Ham Radio&nbsp;For&nbsp;Dummies</i>&nbsp;covers them all!&nbsp;In his&nbsp;signature friendly style, longtime ham Ward Silver&nbsp;(Call&nbsp;Sign&nbsp;N&Oslash;AX)&mdash;contributing&nbsp;editor with the American Radio Relay League&mdash;patches you in on&nbsp;everything from getting the right equipment&nbsp;and building your station&nbsp;(it doesn&rsquo;t have to be expensive)&nbsp;to&nbsp;the intricacies of&nbsp;Morse&nbsp;code&nbsp;and&nbsp;Ohm&rsquo;s&nbsp;law. In addition,&nbsp;he coaches you on&nbsp;how to prepare&nbsp;for&nbsp;the FCC-mandated&nbsp;licensing exam&nbsp;and&nbsp;tunes you up&nbsp;for ultimate glory in the ham radio hall of fame&nbsp;as a&nbsp;Radiosport&nbsp;competitor!&nbsp;With this book, you&rsquo;ll learn to:&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Set up&nbsp;and organize&nbsp;your station&nbsp;</li> <li>Communicate with people around the world&nbsp;</li> <li>Prep for and pass the&nbsp;FCC&nbsp;exam&nbsp;</li> <li>Tune into the latest tech, such as digital mode operating&nbsp;&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>Whether you&rsquo;re looking to join a&nbsp;public service&nbsp;club or want the latest tips on the cutting edge of ham technology, this is the perfect reference for newbies and experts alike&mdash;and will keep you happily hamming it up for years!&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>