Handbook of Renewable Materials for Coloration and Finishing


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<p>This unique handbook provides a vivid multidisciplinary dimension through technological perspectives to present cutting-edge research in the field of natural coloration and finishing. The 20 chapters are divided in to four parts: Substrates for coloration and finishing; renewable colorants and their applications; advanced materials and technologies for coloration and finishing; sustainability.</p> <p>Among the topics included in the <i>Handbook of Renewable Materials for Coloration and Finishing</i> are:</p> <ul> <li>The systematic discussion on the suitability, physical, chemical and processing aspects of substrates for coloration and finishing</li> <li>Bio-colorant’s application as photosensitizers for dye sensitized solar cells</li> <li>Animal based natural dyes</li> <li>Natural dyes extraction and dyeing methodology</li> <li>Application of natural dyes to cotton and jute textiles</li> <li>Sol-gel flame retardant and/or antimicrobial finishings for cellulosic textiles</li> <li>Rot resistance and antimicrobial finish of cotton khadi fabrics</li> <li>Advanced materials and technologies for antimicrobial finishing of cellulosic textiles</li> </ul>


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