Handbook on Interactive Storytelling


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<b>HANDBOOK ON INTERACTIVE STORYTELLING</b> <p><b>Discover the latest research on crafting compelling narratives in interactive entertainment</b> <p>Electronic games are no longer considered “mere fluff” alongside the “real” forms of entertainment, like film, music, and television. Instead, many games have evolved into an art form in their own right, including carefully constructed stories and engaging narratives enjoyed by millions of people around the world. <p>In <i>Handbook on Interactive Storytelling</i>, readers will find a comprehensive discussion of the latest research covering the creation of interactive narratives that allow users to experience a dramatically compelling story that responds directly to their actions and choices. <p>Systematically organized, with extensive bibliographies and academic exercises included in each chapter, the book offers readers new perspectives on existing research and fresh avenues ripe for further study. In-depth case studies explore the challenges involved in crafting a narrative that comprises one of the main features of the gaming experience, regardless of the technical aspects of a game’s production. <p>Readers will also enjoy: <ul><li>A thorough introduction to interactive storytelling, including discussions of narrative, plot, story, interaction, and a history of the phenomenon, from improvisational theory to role-playing games</li> <li>A rigorous discussion of the background of storytelling, from Aristotle’s Poetics to Joseph Campbell and the hero’s journey</li> <li>Compelling explorations of different perspectives in the interactive storytelling space, including different platforms, designers, and interactors, as well as an explanation of storyworlds</li></ul> <p>Perfect for game designers, developers, game and narrative researchers, academics, undergraduate and graduate students studying storytelling, game design, gamification, and multimedia systems, <i>Handbook on Interactive Storytelling</i> is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the deployment of compelling narratives in an interactive context.