Happy Families


How to Protect and Support Your Child’s Mental Health

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Help your child break free from mental health worries and set them on the path to thriving with this practical, judgement-free handbook from clinical child psychologist Dr Beth Mosley MBE.Every parent wants to help their child to be happy and resilient so they can face the challenges of life, and ideally not just survive, but thrive. With mental health struggles becoming increasingly common, we all want to know what we can do to help.Packed with everything you need to know about your child’s mental health, this is an groundbreaking guide to protecting and supporting your child from the ages of 4-21. Drawing from twenty years of experience as a clinical child psychologist and mother of three, Dr Beth Mosley MBE shares the core principles that underpin good mental health, offering expert and reassuring advice, clear explanations and simple techniques that are tried, tested and credible in the real world.Based on the best evidenced approaches and real-life examples, Happy Families gives you the practical tools you need to support your children in managing anxiety, depression and low mood, navigating social media and gaming, and nurturing family and peer relationships.This book is the ultimate self-help guide that will be transformational for all families, giving parents hope that simple things make a big difference, and helping all of us to lead, happier, healthier lives.]]>