Happy From Head to Toe


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From bestselling author, broadcaster and founder of Happy Place, Fearne Cotton.Did you know that your belly can bring you joy, and your hands can make you calm?And that’s not all. Our body and mind are connected in so many incredible ways that we often don’t even realise! From the tips of our toes to the top of our head, each body part can play an important role in helping us feel great. Whether it’s using our feet to stay active, our mouth to talk about our feelings or our shoulders to feel confident, this is a one-stop holistic guide to happiness from bestselling author, Fearne Cotton.And with interviews throughout with a range of much-loved expert voices, including Tom Daley, Kimberley Wilson, Tom Fletcher, Joe Wickes, Marcia Sharp and many more, this book is packed with tons of practical tips for finding the joy in each and every day.]]>