Happy New Year


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**AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW**IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE PARTY OF THE SEASONBUT SHE NEVER CAME HOME’I was close to taking the day off last minute – that’s how hooked I was’ Blekinge Läns Tidning ******It’s New Year’s Eve. The best night of the year.As old friends the Wiksells and the Anderssons raise their glasses, their teenage children host their own party across town, finally free to let loose.But the next morning, seventeen-year-old Jennifer Wiksell is missing.The hours tick by. The police get involved. And no one knows who to trust.These two families have a lot to hide.Could the answer to Jennifer’s disappearance lie close to home?*****’Tremendously immersive . . . pure reading bliss’ M-magasin]]>



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