Heterogeneous Catalysts


Advanced Design, Characterization, and Applications, 2 Volumes

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<p><b>Presents state-of-the-art knowledge of heterogeneous catalysts including new applications in energy and environmental fields</b></p> <p>This book focuses on emerging techniques in heterogeneous catalysis, from new methodology for catalysts design and synthesis, surface studies and operando spectroscopies, ab initio techniques, to critical catalytic systems as relevant to energy and the environment. It provides the vision of addressing the foreseeable knowledge gap unfilled by classical knowledge in the field.</p> <p><i>Heterogeneous Catalysts: Advanced Design, Characterization and Applications</i> begins with an overview on the evolution in catalysts synthesis and introduces readers to facets engineering on catalysts; electrochemical synthesis of nanostructured catalytic thin films; and bandgap engineering of semiconductor photocatalysts. Next, it examines how we are gaining a more precise understanding of catalytic events and materials under working conditions. It covers bridging pressure gap in surface catalytic studies; tomography in catalysts design; and resolving catalyst performance at nanoscale via fluorescence microscopy. Quantum approaches to predicting molecular reactions on catalytic surfaces follows that, along with chapters on Density Functional Theory in heterogeneous catalysis; first principles simulation of electrified interfaces in electrochemistry; and high-throughput computational design of novel catalytic materials. The book also discusses embracing the energy and environmental challenges of the 21st century through heterogeneous catalysis and much more.</p> <ul> <li>Presents recent developments in heterogeneous catalysis with emphasis on new fundamentals and emerging techniques</li> <li>Offers a comprehensive look at the important aspects of heterogeneous catalysis</li> <li>Provides an applications-oriented, bottoms-up approach to a high-interest subject that plays a vital role in industry and is widely applied in areas related to energy and environment</li> </ul> <p><i>Heterogeneous Catalysts: Advanced Design, Characterization and Applications</i> is an important book for catalytic chemists, materials scientists, surface chemists, physical chemists, inorganic chemists, chemical engineers, and other professionals working in the chemical industry.</p>