High Voltage and Electrical Insulation Engineering


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<b>A comprehensive graduate-level textbook on high voltage insulation engineering, updated to reflect emerging trends and techniques in the field</b> <p><i>High Voltage and Electrical Insulation Engineering</i> presents systematic coverage of the behavior of dielectric materials. This classic textbook opens with clear explanations of fundamental terminology, electric field classification, and field estimation techniques. Subsequent chapters describe the performance of gaseous, liquid, and solid dielectrics under different field conditions, and illustrate the monitoring of electrical insulation by both single and continuous online methods. Throughout the text, numerous tables, figures, diagrams, and images are provided to strengthen understanding of all material. <p>Fully revised to incorporate the most current measurement techniques, the second edition offers an entirely new chapter on condition monitoring of electrical insulation. Updated chapters discuss recent developments in gas-filled power apparatus, present-day trends in the use of liquid insulating materials, the latest applications of solid dielectrics in high voltage engineering, vacuum technology and liquid insulating materials, and more. This edition features a brand-new case study exploring the estimation of clearance requirements for 25 kV electric traction. Readers will also find the new edition: <ul> <li>Provides new coverage of advances in the field, such as the application of polymer insulators and the use of SF6 gas in gas-insulated substations (GIS)</li> <li>Uses a novel approach that explores the field dependent behavior of dielectrics</li> <li>Explains the “weakly nonuniform field,” a unique concept introduced both conceptually analytically</li> <li>Includes chapters on lightning and ball lightning development mechanisms, effects, and protection</li> <li>Based on advanced courses conducted at TU Dresden and the Indian Institute of Technology</li> </ul> <p><i>High Voltage and Electrical Insulation Engineering, Second Edition,</i> remains the perfect textbook for graduate students, teachers, academic researchers, and utility and power industry engineers and scientists involved in the field.