Hit Parade


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The third thriller in the ‘Hit’ series, a gripping insight into the life of John Keller, stamp collector, chronic worrier – and assassin. . .New York hit man Keller is a law unto himself, and when a situation goes awry – which despite his best-laid plans it so often does – he makes some surprising decisions . . .It’s not all drudgery in the life of an assassin. Keller’s jobs allow him to go to all sorts of sporting events. He even gets to mix his passion for stamp-collecting with a hit on a famous philatelist. Wisely, Keller always travels for his work. New York is home, and he doesn’t want to mess on his own doorstep. But the jobs are drying up, and he needs money. So he breaks the rule – and regrets it. His cover is at risk – he is even followed home – and Keller has to use all his remarkable skill to make sure he can continue doing what he does best.]]>




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