Household and Family Religion in Antiquity


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The first book to explore the religious dimensions of the family and the household in ancient Mediterranean and West Asian antiquity. <ul> <li>Advances our understanding of household and familial religion, as opposed to state-sponsored or civic temple cults</li> <li>Reconstructs domestic and family religious practices in Egypt, Greece, Rome, Israel, Mesopotamia, Ugarit, Emar, and Philistia</li> <li>Explores many household rituals, such as providing for ancestral spirits, and petitioning of a household’s patron deities or of spirits associated with the house itself</li> <li>Examines lifecycle rituals – from pregnancy and birth to maturity, old age, death, and beyond</li> <li>Looks at religious practices relating to the household both within the home itself and other spaces, such as at extramural tombs and local sanctuaries</li> </ul>


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