Housing in the Margins


Negotiating Urban Formalities in Berlin’s Allotment Gardens

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<p><i>Housing in the Margins</i>&nbsp;offers&nbsp;a theoretically informed and empirically detailed exploration of unruly housing practices&nbsp;and their governance at the periphery of Berlin.</p> <ul> <li>An original empirical contribution to understanding housing precarity in the context of the German housing crisis</li> <li>A novel approach to theorizing the nexus of informality and the state in ways that bridge analytical divides between debates about Northern and Southern states</li> <li>An innovative account of urban development in Berlin that contributes to the limited discussions of urban informality in Euro-American cities&nbsp;</li> <li>A theoretical understanding of the ways in which negotiations and transgressions are embedded in the making of urban order</li> <li>A historically informed narrative of the development of allotment gardens in Berlin with a particular focus on housing practices at these sites</li> </ul>