How Not to Age


The Scientific Approach to Getting Healthier as You Get Older

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Uncover the evidence-based science to slowing the effects of aging, from the New York Times bestselling author of the How Not to Die series.What if diet could regulate every one of the most promising strategies for combating the effects of aging? That is just what Dr Michael Greger, founder of, found when he dove into the top peer-reviewed anti-aging medical research. It turns out we don’t need Big Pharma to keep us feeling young – we already have the tools. In How Not to Age, the internationally renowned physician and nutritionist breaks down the science of aging and chronic illness and explains how to help avoid the diseases most commonly encountered in our journeys through life.Discover the eleven pathways for ageing and how to disrupt each of them. Find out how to bring more of the foods high in compounds that boost natural processes – mushrooms, tempeh, onions, apples and kale – proven to clear problems like inflammation and other age related diseases into your diet. Inspired by the dietary and lifestyle patterns of centenarians and residents of global ‘blue zone’ regions where people live the longest, Dr Greger presents simple, accessible, and evidence-based methods to preserve the body functions that keep you feeling youthful, both physically and mentally. Getting older does not have to mean getting sicker.Brimming with expertise and actionable takeaways, How Not to Age lays out practical strategies for achieving ultimate longevity.]]>