How To Be Well


Everything active women need to be fitter, stronger, healthier

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For years, women have been encouraged to keep our bodies a secret.We wince alone when our menstrual cycle makes it difficult to workout. We rarely speak about leakages or admit when we do not know how to find the pelvic floor or why it even matters. We buy trendy sports bras with little knowledge of how they work for breast health or exercise performance. We fall victim to the reality that many young girls give up exercise in their teens to the detriment of their health at an older age.Although women have an increased risk of injury in sport, the world is not shouting about it or how to prevent it. Too often, fitness programmes and approaches on health are based on what works on men though we know that some of those approaches are far from optimal for women. Merging the expertise of sports research scientist Dr Emma Ross, athletic coach Baz Moffat and medical practitioner Dr Bella Smith, The Well HQ champions the non-negotiables when it comes to understanding our health and wellbeing as women. This book will ask the questions that have been ignored for too long such as:What does good menstrual, breast and pelvic health look like in active women? How can you make the monthly cycle work for you and not against you? Why are women at increased risk of injury in sport, and how can we prevent it?]]>