How to Succeed at Revalidation


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<p><b>how to succeed at revalidation</b></p> <p>Doctors in the UK are required to provide evidence of their fitness to practice&mdash;all doctors registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) need to revalidate to maintain their registration. <i>How to Succeed at Revalidation</i> contains up-to-date information on the current regulatory framework and step-by-step guidance for the entire revalidation process. Offering expert advice on how to undertake the process from the perspective of the appraisee, the appraiser, and the employer, this practical, quick-reference guide covers each of the Good Medical Practice (GMP) domains: Knowledge, Skills and Performance; Safety and Quality; Communication, Partnership and Team Work; and Maintaining Trust.</p> <p>Throughout the text, numerous examples describe different models of appraisal and reflection, identify activities that map to each domain, and demonstrate how revalidation requirements can be achieved in the course of daily practice. This much-needed guide:</p> <ul> <li>Covers regulatory processes in medicine and healthcare from both UK and international perspectives</li> <li>Reviews the background that led to the implementation of revalidation</li> <li>Discusses the new GMP requirements for all doctors in the UK</li> <li>Explores the possible future of revalidation</li> </ul> <p><i>How to Succeed at Revalidation</i> is essential reading for all qualified and trainee doctors, undergraduate and postgraduate learners, tutors, and trainers seeking to navigate the revalidation process in the UK.</p>