Hydrogen Sulfide


Chemical Biology Basics, Detection Methods, Therapeutic Applications, and Case Studies

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<p><b>Covers H<sub>2</sub>S interactions, methods of detection and delivery in biological environments, and a wide range of applications</b></p> <p>Research on hydrogen sulfide (H<sub>2</sub>S) spans diverse disciplines including chemistry, biology, and physiology. In recent years, new materials and approaches have been developed to deliver hydrogen sulfide and related reactive sulfur species in various clinical contexts. Although many biological pathways involving H<sub>2</sub>S are complex, all are governed by fundamental chemical interactions between reactive sulfur species and other molecular entities.</p> <p><i>Hydrogen Sulfide: Chemical Biology and Applications</i> provides the foundation required for understanding the fundamental chemical biology of H<sub>2</sub>S while highlighting the compound’s therapeutic potential and medicinal applications. The book is divided into four main sections, presenting detailed coverage of the key aspects of H<sub>2</sub>S chemical biology, the measurement, detection, and delivery of H<sub>2</sub>S in biological environments, and the therapeutic and medicinal uses of exogenous H<sub>2</sub>S delivery in various pharmacologically relevant systems. Throughout the text, editor Michael Pluth and section contributors discuss the opportunities and future of the multidisciplinary field.</p> <ul> <li>Provides approaches for delivering H©üS with relevance to biological and therapeutic applications</li> <li>Describes complex interactions of H©üS with bioinorganic complexes and reactive sulfur, nitrogen, and oxygen species</li> <li>Summarizes advances in available tools to detect, measure, and modulate H©üS levels in biological environments, such as real-time methods for H©üS fluorescence imaging in live cell and animal systems</li> <li>Helps readers understand known systems and make connections to new and undiscovered pathways and mechanisms of action</li> <li>Includes in-depth case studies of different systems in which H<sub>2</sub>S plays an important role</li> </ul> <p><i>Hydrogen Sulfide: Chemical Biology and Applications</i> is an important source of current knowledge for researchers, academics, graduate students, and industrial scientists in the fields of redox biology, hydrogen sulfide research, and medicinal chemistry of small biological molecules.</p>