I Came, I Saw, I Lost My Luggage

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In the time it takes to get through Atlanta airport’s luggage system, Peter Biddlecombe negotiates the perils of business life in twenty cities from Beirut to Budapest, all courtesy of another awe-inspiring expense account.This volume finds the first-class hero at his hilarious and thoughtful best; ostensibly developing contacts, striking deals and attending foreign delegations, he is an astute, informed commentator everywhere he goes, bringing a businessman’s eye to bear on the economic and political challenges faced by both post-cold war Europe and the developing nations of Asia and Africa – while simultaneously over-testing the theory that a nation’s culture is contained within its bars and restaurants.Whether power-shopping in Miami, attending a Finnish masterclass in the art of vodka-drinking, or simply lamenting the disappearance of the Trabant, Peter Biddlecombe is the perfect bon viveur in a hugely entertaining series of trips across the world.]]>



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