iMac For Dummies


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<p><b>Say hello to your iMac with this bestselling guide&nbsp;</b></p> <p>Excited to put your&nbsp;cool&nbsp;iMac through its paces?&nbsp;Go ahead!&nbsp;Say &ldquo;Hey Siri&rdquo; to look up information, use the large monitor to play a game or watch a movie,&nbsp;share documents with&nbsp;your iPhone or iPad,&nbsp;or&nbsp;video chat with friends or family.&nbsp;With its optimized system speed, your iMac can keep up with anything you want to do. How cool is that?&nbsp;</p> <p>Your&nbsp;iMac&nbsp;comes stuffed with features, and&nbsp;<i>iMac For Dummies</i>&nbsp;is your tour guide to explore all of them!&nbsp;This&nbsp;updated&nbsp;handbook has you covered, no matter if you need to work or want to play.&nbsp;You can:&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Scroll, tap,&nbsp;and swipe your way&nbsp;through&nbsp;the&nbsp;Mac operating system&nbsp;</li> <li>Set up Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other settings in&nbsp;Control Center&nbsp;</li> <li>Say &ldquo;Hey Siri&rdquo; to&nbsp;have the Apple assistant search for information&nbsp;or launch apps&nbsp;</li> <li>Play video games,&nbsp;music,&nbsp;movies, or TV&nbsp;</li> <li>Stay in touch with people through Messages and Facetime&nbsp;</li> <li>Use&nbsp;productivity apps, including Numbers, Pages, and Keynote&nbsp;</li> <li>Sync to&nbsp;iCloud&nbsp;and across all your Apple devices&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>The&nbsp;all-in-one design&nbsp;of the iMac with its monitor, processor, graphics card, and&nbsp;internal&nbsp;drive makes it ideal&nbsp;for&nbsp;work and entertainment.&nbsp;Pick up your copy of this&nbsp;comprehensive guide&nbsp;to the iMac,&nbsp;filled&nbsp;with screenshots and how-to steps,&nbsp;and&nbsp;ensure&nbsp;you use&nbsp;your iMac&nbsp;to its full potential.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>